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Sometime it may be helpful to have more digital outputs available.
With the Digital-Out-Option inside F466 the activated digital input will be output as a balanced (AES) and unbalanced (S/P-DIF) signal. The digital signal will be refreshed, the content will stay the same.

In case this option is built in F466-S, you will receive 2 balanced and 2 unbalanced outputs.
In case this option is built in F466-D, you may also assign the digital outputs to a dedicated input

The following Lake People items may be equipped with the Digital-Out-Option:

DAC F466-S / DAC F466-D

Digital Out Option

  • Technical Data

Technical Data

digital Input: from D/A Module of DAC F466
2 digital outputs: XLR male, transformer balanced,110 ohms, output voltage > 4 Vss
  RCA, unbalanced, 75 ohms, outputvoltage > 1 Vss
Output format: AES 3, S/P-DIF, (Pro/Con format)

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