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A Member of the Lake People Reference Series
Digital-Analog Converter DAC RS 06
2-ch Highest Quality Digital-Analog Converter

- four switchable digital inputs:
- transformer balanced via XLR (AES 3), 24 bit / 192 kHz

- coaxial via RCA (S/P-DIF, AES-3id), 24 bit / 192 kHz
- optical via TOnk, 24 bit / 192 kHz
- optional USB-T 24/96 or USB-X 24/192 input
  Style B, galvanically isolated
- LEDs for active input, lock, error and resampling-on
- Resampling related to 96 Hz
- 32 bit double-mono converters ( 2 converters per channel )
- Delta-Sigma D/A converter with 120 dB dynamic range / -112 dB THD
- output level software-adjustable to +3/+9/+15/+21 dBu for the bal. output resp. -3/+3/+9/+15 dBu for the unbal. output
- sophisticated analog output stages, max. dyn. range / min. distortion
- high-quality op-amps along the signal path

- high-quality MKP capacitors along the signal path
- balanced signals from the D/A converters to the outputs

- analog outputs electronically balanced via XLR, unbalanced via RCA
- elaborate supply voltage, low ERS caps for filtering and stabilization
- Power supply 90 - 260 V AC
- solid black anodized aluminum case, front- and back panels

The REFERENCE SERIES from Lake People covers absolutely high-level audio products with outstanding features, best technical data and perfect craftsmanship.

LAKE PEOPLE DAC RS 06 is a top-range D/A converter, distinguished by its resampling unit, its 32-bit double mono converters and very particular analog output stages. By means of their specially designed, variable low-noise and low-distortion circuitry, the DAC RS 06 fulfils even highest demands
Taken from one of four possible inputs, the digital signal is forwarded to the receiver/resampling module.
When the resampling is activated all incoming data is normalized to 96 kHz. This is the optimim sample rate for the following converters.
The quality of the resampled signal is directly dependent from its clock source. Therefore a special low-jitter oscillator with a phase jitter < 1 pS = Picosecond is installed which is fed from its own low noise power supply build with discrete components.
According to the double-mono architecture two 32 bit D/A converters per channel are used inside DAC RS 06 to achieve higher linearity and lower noise. An incoming 16, 20 or 24 bit signal is expanded in a 32 bit signal inside the converters.
Without careful consideration of the analog output stages it wouldn't have been possible to make the outstanding performance of the top-notch converter available at the analog outputs.
In case of DAC RS 06, the converter is followed by an amplifier specially designed for this purpose, with a topology similar to an instrumentation amplifier.

It distinguishes itself by a wide dynamic range, minimum distortion and high flexibility with regard to the achievable output level.
From the D/A converters to the rear outputs the signal remains completely balanced.


  • Technical Data

Technical Data

Digital Inputs:
- 1 x XLR female, transformer balanced,
    impedance 110 ohms according to AES3-1992, 
    Sensitivity 200mV @ Tnom/2
  - 1 x Cinch, unbalanced, impedance 75 ohms
    according to IEC 958 resp. AES-3-id
    Sensitivity 200mV @ Tnom/2
  - 1 x optical, TOS-Link, acc. to EIAJ RC-5720
  OPTIONAL 1 x USB, Style B, according to USB 1.1 / 2.0 
Digital Input Formats: AES/EBU, S/P-DIF up to 24 Bit
Input Sample Rates: 28 - 210 kHz
Analog Frequency Range: 4 Hz ... 53 kHz (-0,5 dB)
THD (k2 … k10): -112 dBu
Dynamic Range (A-wtd): 120 dB
Crosstalk (@ 1/15 kHz): -125 / -110 dB
Bal. Analog Outputs: 2 x XLR male
Bal. Output Level: +21 / +15 / +9 / +3 dBu (selectable)
Output CMRR(@ 15 kHz): > 60 dB
Bal. Output Impedance: < 1 ohms
Unbal. Analog Outputs:
2 x Cinch
Unbal. Output Level: +15 / +9 / +6 / +3 / -3 dBu (selectable)
Unbal. Output Impedance: < 1 ohms
Supply Voltage: 90 – 260 V AC, 10 VA
Case, Front and Back:
Black anodized Aluminum
168 x 49 x 145 mm (W x H x D)

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