General Terms and Conditions

Information for consumers taking part in distance selling contracts and customer information for contracts in electronic business transactions

Art. 1 Scope of Application

The following General Terms and Conditions as amended at the time the purchase order is placed shall apply to business relations between us and the buyer for purchase orders placed in the internet shop.

Art. 2 Contract Conclusion

The presentation of our products on our website only constitutes a request for the customer to make a contract offer.

The customer places an offer in the terms of Sec. 145 of the BGB [German Civil Code] when they send a purchase order. The customer will receive a confirmation of the receipt of the purchase order by email.

A contract will be deemed concluded with us, when we accept the customer’s offer, in writing or in text form, within 2 working days after the purchase order was sent. The time of receipt of the declaration of acceptance by the customer shall insofar be decisive.

day shall mean any calendar day which is no Sunday or legal public holiday in the entire Federal Republic of Germany.

Art. 3 Delivery, Shipping Costs, Transfer of Risk

The delivery will be made at the shipping costs specified for each individual case. If the customer is a consumer, we shall bear the shipping risk in any case, regardless of the type of shipping. If the customer is an entrepreneur, all risks of shipping will be transferred to the customer as soon as we handed over the goods to the logistics partner we engaged.

Art. 4 Retention of Title

delivered goods will remain our property until the purchase price was paid, in full.

Art. 5 Payments

We will only accept the types of payment of which the customer was informed during the order process.

Art. 6 Liability for Defects

The statutory rights based on liability for defects shall apply.

Art. 7 Information for Consumers in Distance Selling Contracts and Customer Information for Contracts in Electronic Business Transactions

  1. We are not subject to special codes of conduct apart from those stated above.
  2. You may recognise any input errors you made during the order process in the final confirmation you are given prior to sending your contract declaration and you may correct them, at any time prior to sending your purchase order, by using the deletion and change function.
  3. For essential properties of the goods we offer and the period of validity of any limited offers, please see the individual product descriptions available on our website.
  4. The language available for concluding the contract is German.
  5. You may send any complaints and claims for liability of defects to the address specified in the provider identification.
  6. We will not store the text of the contract, so that you as customer will be unable to access the contract after its conclusion through us.
  7. For information on payment, delivery, or fulfilment, please see the offer.

8 Information on the Dispute Resolution Procedure before a Consumer Arbitration Board

We are neither willing nor obliged to participate in any dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board.

Art. 9 Miscellaneous

The contractual relationship between us and the customer and the relevant terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. If the customer is a consumer, any legal regulations and rights for the protection of the consumer which are applicable according to the laws of the country in which the consumer has their usual residence and from which no deviation must be made based on this agreement shall remain unaffected by this agreement. The application of the UN Convention on contracts for the internal sale of goods shall be excluded.